Electrolyzer projects in the Netherlands

This post is about electrolyzer projects in The Netherlands.  The projects below give an overview of projects that are already operational and some are still in the construction phase. The share of green hydrogen is quickly increasing due to becoming more and more cost-effective as is shown in the project Hydrogen Delta. There will be a test to produce hydrogen directly in the windmill at the ECN test location in the Wieringermeer.

20 MW Electrolyser in Delfzijl Operated by Nouryon and Gasunie, it will provide 3,000 tons of green hydrogen per year, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 27,000 tons per year in combined activities with BioMCN

Hydrogen Delta Designing a Gigawatt Electrolysis Plant for Zeeland Aims to design a GW hydrogen factory at 3 times lower costs than the current design. It should consider the capturing and delivery of hydrogen, heat and oxygen in a way that goes hand in hand with the operational strategy of the large-scale facility. Partners: Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT), Nouryon, Shell, Yara, OCI Nitrogen, Gasunie, DOW Chemical, Ørsted, Frames, ECN part of TNO, Utrecht University and Imperial College London.

Building a 250 MW Electrolysis Plant in Port of Rotterdam The new factory will be able to produce 45,000 tons of green hydrogen annually. Because the hydrogen is produced from water with sustainable electricity, CO₂ emissions can decrease by 350,000 tons annually. BP will use the green hydrogen to desulphurise products.

CCUS Infrastructure for Blue Hydrogen in Port of Rotterdam Transfer of grey hydrogen production in the Port of Rotterdam into blue with CCUS into the North Sea bottom. Shell, ExxonMobil, Air Liquide and Air Products committed to this phase for creating a CO₂ infrastructure.

Building a 100 MW Hydrogen Plant for Westereems Wind Farm The 100-megawatt capacity plant would be located on the site of the RWE-Eemshaven power plant and will be supplied with power from the adjacent wind farm Westereems owned by innogy

Building a 100 MW Green Hydrogen Plant as part of a Hub Building a 100 MW hydrogen powerplant on the Hemwegsite as part of a fossil free hub (production, storage and distribution) for providing green electricity, heating and fuels for Amsterdam Metropool Region.

The Production of Blue Industrial Hydrogen in Rotterdam The production of hydrogen based on natural gas and through the reuse of refinery gases. The CO₂ released during production is captured and stored in empty gas fields below the North Sea or can be reused in the industrial area.

GreenH2UB Creating a Green Hydrogen Ecosystem in Noord-Brabant Aims to develop a green hydrogen ecosystem. It will contain 3-10 MWA GreenH2UB plants (transformers) balancing the grid with hydrogen production for application and Deployment in industry, heavy mobility and built environment.

HEAVENN H₂ Energy Applications in Valley Environments for Northern NL The projects support focus on sectoral integration: the large-scale production of green hydrogen as a raw material for industry, the storage, transport and distribution of hydrogen and its application for energy supply for both industry and the built environment and in mobility.

Hydrogen Delta Aiming for a Gigawatt Factory in the Delta Region Realisation of a large pilot (on a ~ 100 MW scale) and a large-scale green hydrogen factory (on a ~ GW scale) by 2025. Blue hydrogen is used in the transition to green. In addition, realisation of a hydrogen network in the port area, which is connected to the national network.