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H2-brandstof, waterstof winnen en opslaan met natriumboorhydride

The Dutch startup has been developing this technology to retrieve hydrogen not from electrolysis but from a chemical


Veelbelovende kleinschalige waterstofprojecten in Europa.

With the current war in Ukraine and the impact of the drastically changed relationship with Russia, there is


Innovaties in metaalhydride-waterstofopslag oplossingen

Although we know for more than four decades about storing hydrogen in metal hydrides, innovations are gaining momentum


Plasma Kinetics

[this post will be revised shorty] In this post we talk about the US company Plasma Kinetics and


Electrolyzer projects in the Netherlands

This post is about electrolyzer projects in The Netherlands.  The projects below give an overview of projects that


What can a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) do for you?

In 2020 more than 100.000 battery systems are installed in German households alone. This indicates a steep increase


Solid state hydrogen storage in metal hydrides

Innovations in the field of Hydrogen storage in metal hydrides are moving at such a fast pace at

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